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With the label recognition, Alfred gives you quick and easy access to the complete description of a wine in seconds. Wine knowledge at your fingertips.

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Alfred lets you track sommeliers’ tasting notes to refine your taste. Be inspired by them, easily keep notes of what you like and share your discoveries.

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Never be alone in your passion. Alfred puts you in touch with a professional sommelier who can, at any time, offer you services and advice. Whether it be for a recommendation that suits your taste, a delivery, a food and wine pairing, updating your inventory, your sommelier is right there with Alfred.


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Grapes harvest. Farmers hands with freshly harvested black grapes.
10 August 2016

Organic wines today : a first look

For some time now, probably paralleling the rise in popularity of health food and veganism, organic wines have become more and more popular and a growing quantity of them occupies a sizable portion of the SAQ shelves while multiplying their offer through private importers. At Alfred, we are fascinated by all the trends in the world of wine, so we thought it was important to take a first look at this subject which we will probably talk about often in the coming year.

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28 July 2016

This week’s precious wine tips (July 28)

This week, our wine tips are provided by Bertrand Eichel, an eminent teacher for sommeliers; he officiated for 10 years at the legendary private club 357C as head sommelier. He offers us a nice aperitif from Saumur, a great white vin de garde at much less than $ 100 and an exceptional Pinot Noir from New Zealand even better than one from Burgundy.

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