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June 29 2018

The Coureur des Bois Bistro Culinaire winner of Grand Award 2018


The renowned magazine Wine Spectator unveiled the winner of the Grand Award 2018 today. It is the Coureur des Bois Bistro Culinaire of Beloeil that is now the first establishment in Quebec to obtain the highest honor in the industry.

“What a great accomplishment for the team of the Coureur des Bois to figure in the 91 internationally renowned restaurants and to become the only representative of Quebec! The Coureur des Bois have been the first restaurateur that has trusted us with the management of their wine cellar. All Alfred’s team receives this news with a lot of pride”, says the founder and president of Alfred, Guy Doucet.

In 2014, the Coureur des Bois chose Alfred Pro as the managing system of their amazing wine cellar of over 15 000 bottles. Alfred Pro allows the Coureur des Bois to have a simple and effective management to avoid any financial loss. The automated inventory management system allows creating personalized and virtual wine menus that can be consulted by the client in real time with the cellar stocks.

“The Coureur des Bois is way more than a client for Alfred. It became, through the years, a real business partnership that gives us the opportunity to always push further the development of our application”, has confirmed the founder and president of Alfred.

A great example of tenacity and hard work

In may 2013, Guy Doucet met Mathieu Duguay for the first time in a trade mission in France, more precisely in the region of Rhône. The young 40 years old businessman had just made the acquisition of the Complexe hôtelier Rive-Gauche, therefore the acquisition of the Coureur des Bois Bistro culinaire. Mathieu then confessed his desire to make a high-end restaurant with the best wine cellar in Quebec.

Five years have passed since this encounter. The hard work of Mathieu Duguay’s team and his exceptional sommelier, Ian Purtell, has finally paid off.

“The passionate work of our team has given us the chance to set us apart on a global scale with the excellence of our wine menu, the harmony between the diversified meals of Quebec’s terroir and our wines, but also with the undeniable level of competences of our wine experts and waiters. A special place has been given to us in the list of 91 restaurants that have received this price through the world; only four of them are located in Canada and only one is from Quebec: the Coureur des Bois Bistro Culinaire”, affirmed Mathieu Duguay, owner of the Coureur des Bois Bistro Culinaire.

The Grand Award

Since 1981, the Wine Spectator highlights the wine menus of establishments through the whole world.

To get this classification, The Coureur des Bois has to answer these strict criteria:

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