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August 20 2019

Welcome Erick Audet in our Celliers Intelligents direction team

by Guy Doucet

We would like to welcome Erick Audet in our Celliers Intelligents direction team as our new CTO.

With the rapid development on the Canadian market of our Alfred Pro platform, we are proud to announce the nomination of M. Erick Audet, M. SC as the new Chief Technology Officer for our organisation.

Well-known personality in the technological world of Québec, Erick has deep knowledge of technologies, in addition to his unique expertise in artificial intelligence. Erick is a precious addition to our team, in perfect adequation of our organizational values, says Guy Doucet, president of the company of close to 20 employees. 

After a career of logical architect and R&D manager for different businesses of the technological domain, he has directed, in the past years, the R&D and artificial intelligence innovation center for an important Canadian consultant firm. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Laval University, he also has a Master’s degree in data mining.

It will be Erick’s responsibility to develop a team composed of the best employees to develop and maintain Alfred’s technological platform destined for the restaurant professionals and wine enthusiasts.

Several positions are open in our offices located in St-Roch, Quebec City. Remote work and family and work conciliation are important elements for you? Contact us by email at emploi@celliersintelligents.com

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