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14 November 2019

The Vinho Verde region of Portugal

We all know the famous Port wine, but Portugal produces other excellent wines, both red and white. Vinho Verde is one of these other lesser known regions, however. Its name comes from the green color that distinguishes it in its landscape with its mountains, valleys, rivers and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Bordered to the north by the Minho River to the south by the Douro, to the east by the Peneda-Gerês National Park and to the west by the Atlantic,  the region finds itself in the middle of a most enviable environment.

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7 November 2019

The optimal conditions for wine storage

This week, we will talk about the optimal conditions for wine storage. Without getting too in-depth, you still have to respect certain rules if you want to keep your precious bottles in the best possible conditions. Poor conditions can lead to wine defects, making their consumption dangerous or, in less extreme cases, bring down a wine from a charming experience to a totally trivial one.

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7 November 2019

Maine craft distilling

Like pretty much anyone who started learning distillation five to eight years ago, there wasn’t much information available out there, let alone any sort of training. So, the only possible way to learn was to read anything we could get our hands on, try what we legally (or not) could do and spend our weekends travelling to visit as many distilleries as humanly possible and to submerge the owners with questions. One of those trips led me to Portland-Maine in a relatively new distillery, five years ago. Luke Davidson welcomed me with open arms in an old industrial building where he set up his distillery the best he could. The guy is truly passionate about everything distillation, in addition to being a very curious mind. We started talking and when I told him I wanted to get into the distilling industry, he decided to show me around. 

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