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6 February 2020

1729: Ruinart, the oldest Champagne domain

To evoke the name Champagne without thinking of Ruinart is practically impossible. Almost 300 years of history is not commonplace. To enter the Ruinart universe in the very heart of Reims is to feel very privileged. All this impressive and long history, this majestic domain, the famous chalk, the splendor of the site itself, without forgetting the delicacy and the great reputation of its excellent champagnes recognized all over the world. In this grandiose environment, everything breathes beauty and luxury, refinement and finesse: art is everywhere.

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30 January 2020

Education and learning

When opening our first restaurant I put myself in charge of the bar and didn’t know much about spirits. But because I can get pretty obsessive I spent years studying what is now a profession. This is also through education that I gained most of my clientele. I made it my mission to get customers to enjoy something they said they didn’t by the end of the night. The idea behind the Rum Club of Quebec was also to educate people on how to drink rum, how rum is made and to open their minds on the different rums available around the world. With the growing demand on spirits I truly think that education should be a major priority to any brand along with transparency. 

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23 January 2020

The cost of wine

In the world of wine, we can find almost everything and its opposite: from the 4 liter vinier to the bigger formats of vintaged champagne, including the bottle at $ 9 and the grand cru at $ 6,000. We can also understand that the rarity and prestige of the product will influence its price. Collectors of “labels” will give more importance to the known wines as they will be considered as a safe investment.

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