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12 December 2019

Diseases and parasites

The management of vine pests and diseases is always relevant, in a context of widespread motivation for a conversion to organic agriculture. It must be understood that not all vineyards are submitted to the same conditions to be certified organic. The presence of animals, insects and other diseases are the daily life of winegrowers; all this management  occurs before they even have grapes at maturity. These problems can lead to a decrease in grape production which inevitably affects grape quality.  

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12 December 2019

A gin that tastes the sun

When opening the Maison Livernois, in May I knew we would have to be ready for a great terrace season. So I built our first Gin with just that in mind. I knew our terrace would be filled with tourists spending their day walking the city under the sun. The beauty of creating a spirit for a specific occasion or moment allows you to imagine a drink and create from there. I imagined a tall glass full of ice with lemon slices and cold sparkling water. 

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12 December 2019

Quinta das Arcas Vinho Verde

In my visit of last September and October among the vineyards of the beautiful Vinho Verde region, there were plenty of these beautiful and unforgettable encounters. A stop at Quinta das Arcas was one, a family business founded in 1985 by Antonio Monteiro. Today, the company mainly focuses on producing fine wines in the region of Vinho Verde and Alentejo.

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