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15 January 2019

Sparkling wines for any occasion!

My blog this week is a love letter to the sparkling wine enthusiasts, those of you that always keep a sparkling wine bottle ready for any occasion. How can you select the best value sparkling wines? First and foremost, I will detail the different winemaking techniques that are the most notable. Then, we will navigate through a few appellation and mentions to look for on the sparkling wine labels to choose the correct product. Following this, we will explore another way to select products that match your tastes by knowing the different styles of sparkling wines and the varietals used. In conclusion, I will suggest a few products for those with more sugary palates.

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8 January 2019

Tannins, a question of experience and intuition

When you drink a glass of red wine, you definitely talk about its tannins. I like to think that everybody has the capacity to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and feel what the wine has to offer. But where do the tannins come from and what justifies the number of qualifiers used to describe the texture in mouth; discreet, thin, chalky, fleshy, strong, astringent, silky, green, robust, etc.? How is the analysis of the tannins in a wine important when we talk about balance? I will try in the following text to demystify some of the mystery associated with this substance contained in wine, chocolate, and tea.

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1 January 2019

Château de Beaucastel

Located in the northern side of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, the Château de Beaucastel domain is one of the flagship wineries of the region. In Beaucastel, the soils are mostly composed of shingle, with lime and rocky elements that add to the maturity of the grapes which allows for the production of rich and voluminous wines. By always respecting its environment, the domain has converted to biological agriculture since the 1960’s. All the vine work is done manually and all the chemical products are replaced by natural elements that originate exclusively from the domain’s ecosystem. The character of each varietal is respected; with each being vinified separately and then assembled together to fully express the vintage.

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