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February 20 2020

Aveleda Vinho Verde

by Pasquale Charland

The Aveleda S. A estate in Portugal, in the Vinho Verde region, has been owned by the same Guedes family since 1870. For five generations, from father to son, they have been working with the same passion and the same values. Today, the company is directed by two of the descendants of the fifth generation: Antonio Azevedo Guedes and Martim Guedes. Since its founding in 1870, the passion for winemaking, the sustainable treatment of the surrounding environment, biodiversity and attention to detail are still the guiding principles of the group. These pillars are at the heart of the production of quality wines and the creation of renowned brands such as Aveleda, Adega Velha, Quinta Vale D. Maria, Quinta D’Aguieira Follies and Casal Garcia. The group is active in three different wine regions in Portugal, in the wine regions of Douro, Vinho Verde and Bairrada. The company is the largest producer and exporter of Vinho Verde in Portugal, exporting to more than 80 countries worldwide.

1870 is the year when the first wine was produced in Quinta da Aveleda. Twenty years later, the wines won their first international awards, a sign of future success in the years to come. During the 20th century, the first wine exports were made to Brazil and Angola; the famous Casal Garcia will be launched in the late 1930s, while the Aveleda brand is experiencing phenomenal growth without ever losing sight of its ancestral heritage. It is impossible to ignore the beauty of the site: a huge park with the evergreen gardens everywhere we look, with small benches that invite us to relax. Every corner you visit at Quinta da Aveleda is, in itself, an unforgettable discovery.

It contains a large number of rare species of ancient trees that adds to the magical scenery of the location. Not to mention the central lake, the tea house on the lake and the fountain. Walking around the domain is like being in one of the most beautiful fairy tales. It’s simply grandiose and magical! This landscape and all these wonders are part of an ancient heritage preserved in every corner of this immense park carefully hidden in the middle of the Vinho Verde wine region.

At the heart of the property, there is the main house, the heart of Quinta da Aveleda. Still inhabited today by the Guedes family, it remains with the passing years and successive generations, the living and emblematic symbol of the estate with its walls covered with vines and its unique architecture.

An unforgettable visit characterized by the beauty and the very particular character of this magical place.

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