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January 4 2017

For a year worthy of a great vintage

by Guy Doucet

Dear friends who are passionate about wine,

Let me wish you a wonderful New Year from all of us on the Alfred, the wine expert team. We are privileged to have been able to count on your support during 2016, a crucial year in our evolution, as we intensified the development of our ecosystem, combining human expertise about wine with high technology.

We have already been able to add to our services the exceptional Alfred Peer 2 Peer platform, which allows the collector and the enthusiast to buy great vintages and rare wines through transactions between our members, all managed by Alfred. This feature has been made possible through an exclusive agreement we negotiated with the SAQ in order to better serve our community.

We have also developed the world’s first digital insurance for wine, Alfred Secure which finally covers wine and only wine, at its true value which evolves over time. We have developed this unique product through a partnership with Industrial Alliance and its La Zone team; international professional insurance magazines have spoken about it in glowing terms.

With our wine cellar moving and warehousing services, informative content and team of sommeliers always ready to assist you in the evolution of your passion and you will have a good idea of the steps we have taken to grow and better serve you.

We are ready for 2017, a pivotal year in our future vision. We will continue to work tirelessly to make our business evolve and our services grow in a world of constant connectivity, so you can enjoy your passion about wine and share it in your community of friends.

In closing I want to thank you sincerely: this beautiful and great adventure is only possible because of you who are always more and more numerous in the Alfred community.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Guy Doucet,  CEO and founder, Alfred, the Wine Expert

image Pasquale Charland

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