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May 28 2019

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

by Marie-Eve Beaudoin

Father’s day is a period where a large amount of ties are sold in stores around the globe. This is good for the dads that are truly happy to receive one, but for those that love whisky, there exists numerous interesting options.

Here are four original gift ideas to offer to your father (or to yourself) for Father’s day.


The SAQ gift

The SAQ has around 700 bottles of whisky available on its website. The question is: what should I pick for someone who already possesses quite a few products? Normally, I would suggest going for whiskies produced in small quantities or those that are identified with a vintage. This will ensure that your father has not purchased this specific product already.

First option

Start by inspecting your father’s whisky collection to locate bottles of the following distilleries: Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Bowmore. If they are present, this means that he enjoys Scotch whisky with smoky and peaty tastes. In this case, I would suggest the Kilchoman 100% Islay 8thedition for 152$.

Kilchoman is a young distillery founded in 2005 on the small island of Islay in Scotland. Since its inception, the founders have pleased the amateurs with their desire to produce extremely high quality products. All of the production, from the grains to the bottling, is done on the small farm of the company, located on the western portion of the island. The distillery has just doubled its production to compensate for the increases in the demand for its products. We are quite lucky to have them available in Quebec. Also, as a bonus, it is one of the most beautiful bottles of Scotch whisky currently available on the market.

Second option

If there are no peaty Scotch whiskies in his current bottles, it is better to avoid this type of product. In that case, we would opt for a fruity Scotch whisky in a particular version: the Macallan Classic Cut 2018 Edition for 136$. It is a product of very high quality, just like most of the Macallan products. It is not for nothing that Macallan products appear in movies such as James Bond or in TV series such as Suits. Also, Macallan owns the record for the highest price of a Scotch whisky sold at auction, with a selling price of 1,4 million CAD. Also, since it is a gift, it is important to note that the Classic Cut bottle is quite beautiful.

Third option

If, in the whisky collection of your father, you find Canadian whiskies such as Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Collingwood or J.P. Wiser’s, I would suggest going with another Canadian whisky such as the J.P. Wiser’s 35 years for 184$. It is a beautiful product with spices, fruits, sugar and a lengthy finale. It is one of the oldest of the Canadian whiskies. It is important to note the 50% of alcohol in the product. Nevertheless, it is one of the very good whiskies I have tasted throughout time.

Finally, because you are a fine connoisseur, when you will have offered your gift, make sure to recommend to your father to enjoy the aromas and taste of each of these three products; by taking your time, with small quantities tasted at a time, it will prove to be a remarkable pleasure!


The exceptional bottle from Alfred

The SAQ is the only store that can sell alcohol. But www.alfred.vin allows you to buy and sell legally, between members. Indeed, Alfred possesses all the authorizations and permits to ensure the legality of this process. With each purchase of 250$ or more, you are automatically offered regular membership for a period of three months.

On alfred.vin, no matter what you will purchase, you can be certain of the exclusivity of your purchase because all of these products are unavailable in SAQ stores, with many of them that have never even been sold in Canada.

If you want to gift something special to your father (from 500$ to 5000$), this is the place to purchase it. Note some of the distilleries that your father enjoys and search for them on the website to unearth the perfect gift for the perfect father!


The glasses from Vinum

Typically, what we see in movies and in bars is what we call the “old fashion” or “small tumbler” glass. This glass is, indeed, beautiful and quite fun to hold, but if you are looking to taste and discover all the aspects of whisky, it is important to opt for a glass that is more appropriate for tasting. A box of six glasses from Glencairn is a gift that will surely please your father, as it will allow him to conduct tasting sessions with friends. The best option to purchase these small glasses is at Vinum, in Québec and Montréal.

A private tasting event with Passion Whisky Québec

If you do not want to select specific bottles, here is the best option: a private tasting event at home.

Having the proper tasting methods can allow a better appreciation of the product in our hands. Also, by learning more about the elaboration process, the intricacies and the story of the distillery, it creates a complete and extremely enjoyable experience.

This is what you can offer to your father with this unique opportunity offered by Passion Whisky Québec.

So, what do you think? Will it be a tie or a fabulous incursion in the world of whisky for Father’s day?

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