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September 13 2019

Giuseppe Quintarelli, a history of family and values

by Guy Doucet

This week, Sébastien Légasse made us discover an extraordinary wine : the Primofiore 2016 from the Giuseppe Quintarelli estate. 

It is with their sublime Amarone that the Quintarelli estate will finally be appreciated to its true value in the four corners of the world. In less than a slight moment, I am immersed back in my memories of that wonderful day spent with family members.

Wine is a universe in which we must marry art, agriculture and trade. As is often the case in the business community, some entrepreneurs touch us more than others through their values and the motives behind their endeavours. This is especially the case with Giuseppe Quintarelli, an artisan I encourage you to discover through my presentation and the stunning pictures from Pasquale Charland.

Giuseppe Quintarelli died in early 2012, at the age of 84, the youngest member of his winemaking family. In the mid-50’s, he acquired his family’s estate, located in the Veneto region of Italy. He has been able to show the world, better than anyone, the seductive quality and character of the Valpolicella and Amarone wines by growing high quality grapes in the best terrains possible. He has done it with great passion and talent. A true magician, he knows better than anyone how to transform a difficult vintage into an exceptional wine.


The Giuseppe Quintarelli story is also a great one of entrepreneurial succession, involving his wife Franca Quintarelli, Fiorenza his sister, her husband Giampaolo Grigoli and their children, Francesco and Lorenzo, who I had the privilege of meeting. Quintarelli is to me a great incarnation of passion and the proper sense of things. The enterprise also shows a nice balance between business and the passion for wine, the respect for nature and managing their time in order to enjoy life while also doing things properly. Giuseppe has passed, but we can feel his presence at the vineyard as well as throughout his legacy left for his family.

If you are not going to Italy to meet the Quintarelli family, I invite you to run to your SAQ branch to get the wine of happiness. 

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