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November 21 2019

Joseph Drouhin… A great family of Burgundy

by Pasquale Charland

Going through Burgundy, you will recognize that there are some of its great families, even mythical ones, through which the reputation of this extraordinary wine region plays a key role.

The Drouhin family is one of those families. Established in Beaune since 1880 by Joseph Drouhin, the eponymous winery sees the men of the family succeed from generation to generation. After Joseph, the founder, he was followed by Maurice, Robert, who followed suit to the fourth generation: Philippe, Laurent, Frédéric and his daughter Véronique. Time goes by, the names and personalities too, but the passion and love of wine remain.


The Joseph Drouhin domain is the largest owner of parcels in Burgundy, with 78 hectares in the region. It is more than 90 appellations, almost all of which are classified as Grand Crus or Premier Crus. It is also an incursion in Oregon (United States), in the Dundee Hills region in 1987, followed by a confirmation of its presence by the acquisition of the Rose Rock winery in 2013; a truly exceptional domain, where elegance, finesse and perfection are the basic rules.

It is impossible to talk about the Drouhin family without mentioning the very famous Clos des Mouches, to name only one of the many famous vineyards. Acquired in 1921 by Maurice, the son of Joseph, this parcel has one of the most enviable locations and, today, it offers as much in the white as in the red: simply remarkable wines.

In the historical heart of Beaune, the Burgundy domain has a 130-year-old cultural and architectural heritage. A simple walk through the cellars takes a unique turn; a masterful, oenological and historical itinerary that goes back to the Gallo-Roman era. Along the corridors and vaults, we pass by the cellar of the Parliament where a statue of the XIV century watches over and where one of the walls was raised under the Roman Emperor Aurélien. We can also admire the Notre-Dame Collegiate Church and the Cellar of the Dukes of Burgundy of the XIII century with low and wide vaults that are typical of the region. This is not a simple cellar visit, as we often see. On the contrary, it is a journey through corridors, labyrinths, passages, galleries and unusual cellars of the, in which we truly feel invaded by the past.

Philippe, a man of a kindness, simplicity and an unparalleled generosity, welcomed me warmly. After visiting these magical places, he took me to the equally majestic tasting room, where on the table, the complete collection of whites and reds was waiting for me. A moment of pure happiness!

A detour through this great winery is a must for anyone who appreciates the Maison Joseph Drouhin, famous for the extraordinary quality of its wines, for its history and the unique side of being located in the center of Beaune, in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city.

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