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November 25 2015

Laurence of Domaine Pégau

by Pasquale Charland

Château-Neuf-du-Pape, recognized village, is located between Orange and Avignon in the southern portion of the Rhone valley, and extends on a distant of around 25 km. It is recognizable by the remains of the fortress that dominates the scenery of 3200 hectares of vines. This region is mostly entirely known for its legendary wine, from the very renowned appellation of Côtes du Rhône.

We can’t talk about Château-Neuf-du-Pape without mentioning Domaine Pégau. It is important to know that Pégau gets its name from a clay wine jug of the XIV century and the original was discovered on the archeology sites around the Palais des Papes.

Laurence, who is nowadays in charge of a big portion of the domain, relates that her family started in 1670 by cultivating multiple small parts of land composed of vines, olives and cherry trees. At this time, the cherries sold in the Provencal markets would allow the family to cover the costs for the family. The raisins were put in wood, even at that time, to create the celebrated wine.

The great grand-parents and grand-parents have extended the Domaine Feraud fils up to 22 hectares. Elvire, married to Léon Feraud, was winemaker and mother of 4 children. Paul, the youngest, started cultivating the family vineyard at the age of 14. This is also where began the feminine power in the vineyard…

Wither her diploma in hand follow her wine-studies in 1987, Laurence, daughter of Paul and Odelette returns to Château-Neuf-du-Pape and offers to her parents to create an independent family estate of 7 hectares and filing the name Domaine Pégau. Since then, Laurence has taken more and more space in the company. Father and daughter working in harmony, together they combine their expertise and experience in a complementary fashion whilst making to keep the authenticity of their family traditions in regards to wine.

Laurence is a fighter, a strong woman with an out of the ordinary passion and enthusiasm. Fascinated by all that is beautiful and lively, she is a playful and dynamic person who likes to eat, drink, celebrate… live! She has worked hard to achieve success. Visionary traveler, she has a sense of marketing that continually pushes her to exceeding her past achievements. My encounters with her in the recent years only confirm the greatness of this woman and how much she is appreciated and respected by all.

She is at the origin the responsible for the international reputation and export that their wines have today. The expansion of the domain, that she named Château Pégau, was born with the new acquisition of 41 hectares in January 2012. She is no stranger to Québec, her first trip was done on the run when she was still just a young girl. She visited Tadoussac, wanting to see the greatness of the river in all its beauty and its famous marine mammals.  Since then, she returns to Quebec regularly, especially when promoting her wines in North American soil. In the globetrotter that she is, she says that she’s had some strokes of heart during these many trips. She is particularly fond of Crete, where she would love to spend the last days of her life in that beautiful, sweet and magic place. This is, of course, not forgetting wine, healthy cooking and serenity. She also likes to visit Argentina for the passion of the people and Japan because of their great delicacy and their extreme kindness. The South African lifestyle also has charmed her for its splendor and Hong Kong for its energy, lifestyle and topography. And Provence? She has it in her heart.

She also talks about her preferences in wine. South Africa is her first choice, notably because of wines by Eben Sadie. She tells me at the same time, and one can rely on her as she knows a lot about the matter, that it is possible to eat in a beautiful and diverse manner in cities such as Copenhagen, in Belgium, New York, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. In this regard, she has a dream: “I want to taste, be the one that tastes and gives ratings to all the great restaurants identified with a Michelin star. As gourmet as I am, it would be really great!”, she adds.

Elle parle également de ses préférences en matière de vin.  C’est l’Afrique du sud qui est son premier choix, avec notamment les vins d’Eben Sadie.

Do not go to Château-Neuf-du-Pape without stopping at Domaine Pégau, Laurence would not approve it. She will receive you with great pleasure, and with the generosity that characterizes her. She will give you a complete guided tour and will make you taste all her products in a friendly, fun and relaxed lifestyle so characteristic of the Provence that I like!

Pasquale Charland (translated from french by Xavier Larkin-Doucet)


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