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November 7 2015

When history tells us about Jean-Louis Chave

by Pasquale Charland

When history tells us about Jean-Louis Chave

The beautiful region of the Côte du Rhône is one of my favorites. The beauty here fully fulfils the term; striking landscapes, terraced vineyards, hills covered with vineyards extending out of sight and especially being the cradle of the finest wines. Jean-Louis Chave is a must; if everything on his wine has already been said, little is known on the man behind the wine.

Winemakers from father to son since 1481, yesterday we talked about Gérard, today we talk about Jean-Louis. Of them is said that they have been the most visionary and that they are masters of the terroirs of Hermitage. With near-perfect vintages year after year, they have attained a level of excellence, therefore being deserving of a high level of admiration and respect.

Jean-Louis is a quiet and discreet force; when he speaks, it is with conviction. He feels good, alone in his basement in his world where he implements, with as much rigor and finesse, his assembly recipes that made his reputation,

The advent of technology and the speed of today’s world is not for him. His fame allows him to live without a website and to do things the same way as before. A smart phone? Yes, his job requires it, but for the rest, it is his daughter that takes care of it. « It’s not my generation », he added in a discussion on the subject. That way, he ensures that it is she who will bring them one day to this inevitable turn… with time… he wants to take his time. Maybe he is the one who has it right, finally… A wise man, disarmingly simple, a moment of real pleasure and a great privilege!

A souvenir that will be forever marked by the same magnitude that I suggest you to discover through my photos!

Pasquale Charland

VP relations with the wine environment

(Text translated from French to English by Xavier Larkin-Doucet)












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