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June 6 2016

Portrait of one of our sommeliers-partners : Audrey Bouchard, the townshipper…

by Guy Doucet

Two weeks ago, I published a post about family and its values, while celebrating the birthday of a great friend. The reactions the article got on social media has me proved to me again the great strength of networks, specially when they are combined with technological tools. After all, this concept is the basis behind the development of Alfred.

As I already mentioned, our network of professional sommeliers is essential to the Alfred ecosystem, adding a human touch to the way we service our customers, obviously complementing our technological application. After all, people who collect wine consider it both a shareable pleasure as well as an investment that will grow in value over time.

Thus, I wanted to start introducing these sommeliers-partners individually for you to know them as well as we do, interacting with them almost daily. Soon, they will tell you a bit more about themselves directly through video. Meanwhile, I will let you in a little by sharing about their backgrounds and their passions.

A Townshipper entrepreneur

This week, meet Audrey Bouchard, a native of the Eastern Townships who defines herself as much as a wine consultant as she is a sommelier and who brilliantly represents the newer generation of experts we meet every day through our practice.

After a BA in Administration from the University of Sherbrooke, Audrey felt the early attraction of gastronomy along with the desire to understand better the world of wines; it led her to follow the sommelier class of the ITHQ.

“At first, being a sommelier was for me a total mystery, a notion as intriguing as it was intimidating but totally seductive ! Food lovers will understand how much I love to let my taste buds be overwhelmed by multiple aromas, while enjoying the flavours of food and drink. I did not resist the attraction that would become both a way of life and full-time fun for me. “

After ITHQ, Audrey quickly joined the SAQ consulting service where she interacted with consumers as well as with restaurateurs, exploring all the aspects of this complex universe during her 7 year stint there.

“With the SAQ, I got to better understand the world of wine while perfecting my skills and knowledge. Little did I imagine that there were so many variables to consider when talking about wines and liquors. Being curious by nature and loving to innovate, I wanted to explore as far as I could while guiding people in their passions and adding value to their cellars. Every wine lover should aim to improve his collection, as small as it is. It is both a great way to discover what the wine can reveal over time, while still being ready when guests show up unexpectedly. “

This explains why Audrey developed ON BOIT QUOI? (litterally, what should we drink?) in 2013, an online company of the new economy that offers workshops as well as hotel services, cellar management and wine events planning.

“I created ON BOIT QUOI? as a way to recommend the best wine to drink at the right time by starting with a practical way to manage a wine cellar. A collection can be a big investment and there are many advantages to give it special attention. When I’m in the cellar, I establish optimal conditions, I improve the availability of the right bottle in the right location while determining the follow-up actions. Knowing the profile of the collection allows me to demystify the taste experience while offering great discoveries to the whole family. “

Work that needs to be both meticulous and innovative

For Audrey, the work of the wine expert requires a lot of attention to details while constantly evolving. Few collectors have enough time to get involved in the search of specific wines, the purchasing, storing and grading of bottles, so she is there to nurture their passion while reducing losses and other irritants associated with the management of a cellar.

Obviously, because of her entrepreneurial practice, she considered it relevant to join the Alfred team.

“Early in the Alfred adventure, the Celliers Intelligent technological solutions allowed me to optimize my work while making the wine cellar accessible to the whole family, thanks to the simplicity of the app. Trough its interface, you avoid the unfortunate oversights while simplifying the management of bottles. Being virtually connected directly with the collector, I can quickly access the right information whenever there is a need, thus offering the best solution. “

But beyond the tools, the expertise and the professional practice, Audrey still sees wine as a human relations catalyst.

“I recently met someone who told me:” The wine has no other purpose than to be drunk in good company. ” This is certainly the reason why I take part, in my own way, with great pleasure, in all those social moments of my clients. “

We support Audrey and the expansion of her business while welcoming her presence in our network of sommeliers-partners that make Alfred more than a technological tool.

You can reach her via her website ON BOIT QUOI? (in French) or via Facebook.


Guy Doucet

President and founder of Celliers intelligents inc.

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