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FROM 29,95$/MONTH*
Dashboard/News feed/Technical articles Display of market values and selling prices Store location for products Proximity (product geolocation) Number of cellars 2 MAX. UNLIMITED Valued advice series Buying and selling of wine through the online shop 24H EARLIER 48H EARLIER Maximum number of bottles 1500 UNLIMITED2 Advice and specialized articles Food and wine pairings Personalized food and wine pairings A 3 COURSE DINNER3 A 5 COURSE DINNER Display of optimal tasting range Multi-owner cellar management Detailed statistics of your wine cellar Detailed insurance report Invitations to private wine tasting VIP PRIVILEGES Cellar management services 125$/H 100$/H4 Personal concierge for Alfred phone support Unique products research assistance service Personalized cellar aging simulation service
  1. With a purchase of at least $250 in the online shop
  2. The price varies in relation to the number of bottles
  3. Additional fees for extra courses
  4. With priority