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December 10 2019

Private Edition – Glenmorangie ALLTA

by Marie-Eve Beaudoin

Eric Van Hove is a Scotch whisky enthusiast.  He is the founder of Passion Whisky Québec, a website that promotes access for all to private whisky imports by group orders. He is also the host of private and corporate tastings and is the whisky collaborator for the magazine Prestige and for Alfred.

https://www.facebook.com/passionwhiskyquebec/ – www.passionwhiskyquebec.com.

In the upcoming days, if it is not already the case, the SAQ will sell the 10th edition of the “Private Edition” series of Glenmorangie called ALLTA. Each of the 10 products created by the “Director of Whiskey Creation” Dr. Bill Lumsden, is a discovery of a Scotch whisky manufacturing element.

In previous versions, we had a lot of exploration of aging barrels, Lumsden’s favorite subject. On the other hand with the ALLTA, Gaelic word for “wild”, the creative director – doctor in biochemistry, leaves aside this aspect and proposes to us to taste his whisky created from the wild yeasts taken directly on the barley in the fields next to the distillery. To give room to the flavors brought by the yeasts, the whisky has been aged for the most part in bourbon casks of 2nd filling.

Behind this edition, Glenmorangie wants to draw our attention to yeasts by suggesting that they may deserve a little more attention in the process of making whisky. They have indeed been developed in the last decades to be more and more productive, and not for their taste. Will Glenmorangie offer us other products with different yeasts in the coming years? Who knows. But I will be there, online, to buy one or two bottles; that is for sure. I do not try to hide it: Glenmorangie is one of my favorite distilleries.

ALLTA is 51.2% ABV and is not cold filtered. Thank you Glenmorangie.

You will find floral notes, creamy vanilla, spices (pepper), cereals and citrus fruits.

A good buy? YES!

A very nice addition to the collection. In addition, the bottle and the packaging are elegant which makes it a nice Christmas gift for a whisky lover! I say it just like that … without any second thoughts.


Here is the list of nine other previous editions and their particularities:










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