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December 12 2019

Quinta das Arcas Vinho Verde

by Pasquale Charland

In my visit of last September and October among the vineyards of the beautiful Vinho Verde region, there were plenty of these beautiful and unforgettable encounters. A stop at Quinta das Arcas was one, a family business founded in 1985 by Antonio Monteiro. Today, the company mainly focuses on producing fine wines in the region of Vinho Verde and Alentejo.

We were received by the Monteiro family. First, a warm welcome in the beautiful tasting room! Everything is green as far as the eye can see; this beautiful region really is aptly named. After a good tasting of many of their products, we continued the visit with a stop at the production facilities, where the last grapes harvested the previous week were being worked on. We ended our tour with a long walk in the vineyards surrounding the property located in Sobrado, at the boundaries of the municipalities of Valongo and Paredes. This area is the headquarters of the entire administrative structure of the company. There you can find the cellar, storage and bottling area of ​​all Quinta das Arcas and Herdade Penedo Gordo products.

The family also has an extension of about 50 hectares, a vineyard of 30 years with high quality grapes of varietals such as Loureiro, Trajadura and Arinto which develop in the very specific microclimate of the region. The family also produces its own cheese in four flavors that we had the happiness of having on the menu at the dinner offered by the family; everything was carefully prepared with love, by the mother and the wife. A real family meal, the kind of meal that comforts and makes us appreciate the specialties of the region: a pure delight! These people were all of unparalleled kindness and generosity, proud of their products and their country!

As for the domain that I presented to you previously, here is the comment of a professional who accompanied me. He testifies on one of the products tasted during this visit.

This time, I present André Pereira, general manager of Portus 360, a Portuguese restaurant in Montreal.

“All the producers we met deserve an opportunity to make themselves known by the Quebec public. They are passionate people who are proud of the terroir they are so eager to properly represent. Being Portuguese, and having my roots specifically in the region of Lima, I am a big fan of Vinho Verde and I must tell you that I was pleasantly surprised that Quinta das Arcas gave us the opportunity to taste the vinhão in the traditional way in (tigelas or malgas) small porcelain bowls. A moment which, I believe, will remain stored in the memories of everyone. A wine that is obviously special and that  can certainly not please everyone, but that takes all its charm from this beautiful region of the world. “

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