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May 29 2018

Investing in our world to face upcoming changes and to manage growth

by Guy Doucet

By Guy Doucet, president and founder of Alfred


This is a busy week for me, as I will be attending the MAC 2018 event in San Diego, an event destined to marketing professionals united under the “Marketing association of Credit union” banner. I will be attending alongside a few other fellow Canadians, many of which are employed by Desjardins, with whom we are working in close partnership in Quebec.

This break will allow me to recharge my batteries and to better understand the different issues faced by our clients in the ongoing process of the digitization of relations, a reality this is currently spreading to all sectors of the economy. I will also have to opportunity to present Alfred to the community and to illustrate its strengths as a powerful business development and customer loyalty tool.

I am not the only one that is travelling this week, as our colleague, Justine, will be in Paris for an important training program. Those of you that follow me will probably remember that on March 20th, I participated as a spokesperson at the Les Affaires event where I was able to talk about our journey to turn Alfred into a holacracy-driven business.

For those of you interested by the subject, the following article (available in French) published in the Les Affaires newspaper last month will give you a quick overview.

Throughout the challenges and most stimulated by the experience of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise and its leader, Michel Bundock, we decided to pursue the implementation of the holacracy system in our business.

Very simply, the goal is to bring forth an approach that allows us to reduce the structures to its minimum, by removing the hierarchical levels within our organization. By trusting the people that compose the team and by advocating the use of the agile software development methods, we are convinced that the business will grow in a more harmonious manner, with a better profitability and with motivated and attributable team members. These critical elements are essential to reinforce, everyday, our culture of accountability and to properly establish our culture of discipline and autonomy for our teams.

Lastly, we are currently working on the latest version of Alfred. It is our biggest interface and ergonomic overhaul to date. Entirely realized in autonomous teams following the agile software development methods, you will be able to, very soon, judge with your own eyes the progress on the application and organizational sides of things.

I hope that you all have a great week; I will surely enjoy a glass of wine in your name!


From left to right, we have: Justine Collin – Alfred, Bernard Marie Chiquet -Trainer IGI partners and Jérome Papaya – Puribec of Rimouski.

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