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August 15 2019

Suggestions for Thursday, August 15th 2019

by Sébastien Légasse

Returning from a well-deserved break, Sébastien Légasse, our head sommelier, presents his usual three wines! First of all, a German wine with strong traditions from the Rheinhessen region is suggested. Then, discover a Rioja with a superb cherry red color that will perfectly pair with a beef filet mignon! Finally, Sébastien offers you a sublime French wine from the Jura region; the smell of fresh hazelnuts and orchard fruits will make you feel all the unique know-how of this Arbois!

Strub Grüner Veltliner 2018

The Rheinhessen region welcomes you in a beautiful setting of multiple hills. With a strong wine-growing tradition dating back to the Romans, this region is protected to the west by a mountain range and bordered to the east by the Rhine. The production is dedicated to modern wines, but from the emerging group of young producers with the an ambition to produce top tier wines. This vineyard, which dates back to 1710, produces mainly Riesling, but it is with a Grüner Veltliner, rather rare in Germany, that I was charmed. The color is pale gold and the nose evokes notes of freshly cut grass. In the palate, this wine is dry and the acidity is present, alongside this signature “vegetal” structure. For an ideal food pairing, let’s us go with a local agreement, a Wiener Schnitzel (a Viennese escalope)!

Oscar Tobia Rioja Reserva 2014

Oscar Tobia advocates for a minimalist approach in regards to his intervention in designing his products, using only free-run wine, obtained by the juice that is extracted from the grapes after fermentation in vats, rather than by the press. The result is often less tannic and more fruity. The wines of this bodega are matured for 24 months in oak barrels and are then bottled unfiltered. Made of 93% Tempranillo and 7% Graciano from the famous Rioja region, the wine has a superb cherry red color with garnet reflections. The wood is present on the nose, as well as aromas of cherries and plums. The palate is gourmet, with complex aromas of sweet spices, liquorice and a hint of tobacco leaves. The tannins are barely dry and the finish is long lasting. Serve this bottle alongside a filet mignon of beef or duck; guaranteed happiness awaits!

Domaine André et Mireille Tissot Arbois Savagnin Ouillé 2016

Domaine Tissot is renowned for the quality of its wines, producing 28 cuvées in a biodynamic environment. They are worthy representatives of the Jura region and they produce a wide variety of wines, from yellow wines to crémants. In barrels, the wine tends to infiltrate the wood and some of it also evaporates, which lowers the liquid level. For this 100% Savagnin cuvee, the flagship grape variety of the Jura, the winemakers periodically filled the barrels in order to maintain the level of the liquid at its maximum capacity. For the nose, the presence of fresh hazelnuts and orchard fruits, with green apples, is immediately noticeable. The acidity is of medium intensity and the palate is quite charming; the aromas perceived initially are present with lengthy floral notes. The wine is ample and tasty. Try it with a goat cheese crostini topped with a hint of honey.

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