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September 12 2019

Suggestions for Thursday, September 12th 2019

by Sébastien Légasse

This week, Sébastien Légasse, our head sommelier, presents three Italian wines! First of all, an IGP Lazio white wine is suggested, with an expressive orchard that will make it your best table companion for crab cakes. Afterwards, leaving the Lazio region, Sébastien brings us in Tuscany for a 2010 red wine from the Poggio Verrano estate. This wine, combining aromas of dried black fruits and a roasted scent will undoubtedly seduce your palate. Finally, Sébastien finishes his weekly selection with a 2016 Primofiore from the Verona region! This cuvée, with its various blends, will be the perfect companion to traditional duck pappardelles with mushrooms! 

Casale del Giglio Petit Manseng 2017

Casale del Giglio began its history in 1967, 50 kilometers south of Rome in an unclassified wine region. The concept of the project was to draw inspiration from other parts of the world with the same maritime climate, all supervised by a committee of viticulture experts. A wide range of international and local varietals are harvested there to make 22 total vintages, in the three color variations. This is how the small manseng, a varietal typically from southwestern France, found itself growing not too far from Rome! The nose is expressive and charming, combining the fruits of the orchard and a perceptible minerality. The palate is full and long, the balance is perfect alongside a well-tuned acidity level. A superb wine for an honest price! Serve as a companion to a marinated tuna steak with coriander and lime juice or as a sidekick to your crab cakes.

Tenuta Poggio Verrano Infinity 2010

The Poggio Verrano estate produces wines in Tuscany, about 15 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea, with a blend of Sangiovese and Bordeaux varieties. In this cuvée, Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon dominate, with Sangiovese and Alicante in support. The product ages for two years, both in barrels and in stainless steel vats.  The interest of this wine, in addition to the irreproachable quality of its production, is the possibility of obtaining it in the 2010 vintage, which allows us to appreciate the evolution of this beautiful product. Aromas of cooked fruits are perceptible, followed by a woody background scent. The palate is complex with aromas of dried black fruits and a noticeable roasted taste. The acidity is quite present and the tannins are supple. Prepare your grill and cook up some lamb chops or any other red meat of your choice and I promise that your feet will never touch the ground again!

Quintarelli Giuseppe Primofiore 2016

The name Quintarelli evokes perfection; their wines are nothing other than legendary in the Valpolicella region. Founded in 1924 by his father Silvio, Giuseppe took over the estate in 1950 by multiplying land acquisitions and experiments, based on the region’s wine tradition. For the Primofiore cuvée, it is a blend of 50% Corvina, 25% Cabernet Franc and 25% Cabernet-Sauvignon. Partially imitating the treatment of the grapes for Amarone wines, the fruits are dried for one month, which allows the sugar and aromas to concentrate before pressing. The result is simply spectacular!  The color is of an intense ruby, with garnet reflections. The nose is bewitching with a blend of Indian spices, candied fruit and cooled ash. The palate is straight, the acidity of medium intensity and the tannins of great finesse. The length is remarkable and it will be extremely interesting to watch this product evolve in the upcoming years. Enjoy it alongside duck pappardelle with mushrooms and a reduction of veal stock. Happy tasting!

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