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May 3 2018

The three reasons that lead me to believe that my job truly is the best in the world

by Guy Doucet

By Guy Doucet, president and founder of Alfred

With the remarkable growth of Alfred, this last year has been particularly busy. At 53 years old, I am more and more aware of the potential effects of this reality on my health, my couple and my family. Those that know me well are aware that my family is my stability. Seeing my kids become stand up people makes me proud and really reminds me that they are my greatest treasure. Hearing from my daughter Alice that I am an example of tenacity really comforts me in the choices I’ve made and on my continued progression on the road of happiness.

Today was a great day. My son Xavier, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in History, has obtained a contract in this domain that he is very fond of; my younger son, Jules, his first job and the beautiful temperature has everyone smiling at home. On my end, I had the privilege to be invited as a lecturer for a meeting of business people in Laval, at the Club Saint-Martin, an event organized by Mr. Normand Lord.

Directed by Mr. Luc Lepage, the Cercle Saint-Martin is group of business people of Laval that has existed since 1992. It is a private organization with the goal of offering the possibility for its members to meet up in a comfortable and friendly environment.

With Ghislain Caron, sommelier and director of « services signatures » at the SAQ, at the helm of this event, we tasted excellent wines coupled with a wonderful dinner. For more than two hours, I had the privilege of talking to members about the aging and cellaring of wine. I heard beautiful stories of passionate business people that wake up every morning to contribute to our society, whilst also sharing a same common passion: wine. The passion of the artisan of the vines, the passion of a job well done and the creation of wealth, in the purest expression, a wealth that contributes to make our world a better place.

Wine is a relation between history and craftsmanship, and that night was the culmination of my realization that it is an element that truly unites people around a table for the right reasons. I had the privilege of also talking to Mr. Claude Lefebvre, one of the more influential engineers of the province of Quebec that I had always admired for his multiple achievements that extend over more than five decades (he has also graciously offered a copy of his excellent book titled “Les Chantiers de ma Vie”.

I am blessed with this possibility to convey my learnings to passionate people, to talk and exchange ideas with pillars of our society and, finally, to taste exceptional wines that are the embodiment of the hard work of the artisans that have elaborated them. These three reasons are what lead me to believe that I am a privileged and happy man.

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