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July 3 2019

“Walk the talk”

by Guy Doucet

You are probably all quite familiar with the “walk the talk” expression that means that words should always be followed by action. I simply love this expression as it can be applied to pretty much everything in our lives: at home, in sports or in business. The entrepreneurs, like me, will all agree that if you are looking for success, it is much better to have an imperfect business plan, with disciplined action than a perfect business plan that is realized halfway.

To function properly, a business has to be structured in a way that allows for a common objective, with a clear plan that can evolve in tune with the development of the company, while keeping updates on the constant progression from all the members of the business.

This is why we opted, at Alfred, for a structure with no hierarchy and where each member of the team is imputable and entrusted with specific roles. A business with no hierarchy can be compared to a hockey game with no referees. The rules must be clear and the values shared by the players must be compatible with each other. Many have experienced, in the past, the arrival of a new player that thinks he is “Dale Hunter”, which results in the disruption of the fun levels for the other players. Speaking of values, at Alfred, we have defined four main words that describe the culture of the team: respect, integrity, rigor, and discipline. These values dictate our daily actions and we have sworn to embrace these at all times.

Speaking of rigor and discipline, last weekend, our Quebec Sales VP Pierre Nolet participated in the Iron Man event of Mont-Tremblant. By finishing 34th of a total of 180 athletes in his category, Pierre has demonstrated, through his results, the real meaning of our values. Some will say that Pierre is blessed with exceptional physical capabilities, which is certainly true, but the extreme amount of efforts and training through all of the engagements that his role in the company requires certainly makes this accomplishment even more impressive. Pierre is an example of discipline and he is highly respected by his colleagues; this certainly explains his success.

For me, Pierre Nolet is the true incarnation of a man that can walk the talk.

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