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May 19 2016


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Domaine Gerovassiliou 2015

White wine

In recent years, Greece has offered us exceptional white wines, and the Gerovassiliou domain is a perfect example of this. Assembled from indigenous grape varieties (Assyrtiko and Malagousia), this white wine has a very pale color, slightly tinted with green reflections, and it will evoke a chablis. The nose is fruity with perfumes of orange and melon. Marked by its acidity and minerality, the mouth is nervous and fresh with a lemony finish. Excellent as an aperitif or with sushi.

Grape varieties : 50% Assyrtiko, 50% Malagousia

POD: 2016 to 2018
SAQ Code 10249061
Stars: 4

Price 20,05 $

Available at SAQ Sélection et Classique branches.

Château Fontenil 2005

Red wine

Since 1985 the château of Fronsac bears very well the signature of its owner Michel Rolland. Ruby purple in color and almost opaque, it has a nose of black plum, cassis and cherry liqueur, announcing a richly complex wine. Full-bodied and rich with powerful tannins that envelop our palate, this wine is graced with eternal youth. Be patient because it is a beautiful wine for aging purpose.

Grape varieties : 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.  

POD: 2020 to 2035
SAQ Code 12797539
Stars: 5

Price 49,50 $

Available in SAQ Sélection branches.

Château Sisqueille Rivesaltes 1941

Natural sweet white wine

Who, at 75, can boast of having preserved all of its youth? Rivesaltes Château Sisqueille 1941 is an exceptional wine. Preserved in barrels by the producer, the wine was bottled in 2011. We are seduced by its amber color and coppery highlights. Toffee, candied fruits (apricots and prunes), nuts, cocoa, honey permeate both the nose and mouth. It also has a vitality that brings it freshness and balance thanks to its high sugar content that ends on a note of rancio. This exceptional wine takes you to paradise

Grape varieties : 100% Grenache

POD: 2015 to 2050
SAQ Code 12876721
Stars: 5

Price 207,00 $

Available in SAQ Signature branches and online

Image Source : SAQ.com

Steven Molloy

Steven Molloy is an authority on wine in Quebec. Now retired from the SAQ after working there 35 years, he has matured like any good wine, working in many branches including the Maison des vins and the SAQ Signature of Quebec City. He also perfected his training at ITHQ and l’Université du Vin de Suze-la-Rousse in France. This master wine taster won several blind-testing competitions blind and worked for several years within the Celliers Intelligents team.


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