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December 15 2016

Is your wine as well protected as you are?

by Alfred

Imagine the scene: you are a few hours before New Year’s Eve, where you will host a party with a dozen close friends and very dear colleagues. You are in the feverish mood of preparations. A fabulous meal cooks on the four burners of the stove as well as in the oven. The house is filled with wonderful perfumes that accentuate the pleasure of golden decorations placed elegantly everywhere to enliven the house. You know that it will be a memorable evening where you will celebrate a year that has brought you triumphs and happiness. You have decided to spoil yourself and spoil your guests who are as passionate as you about wine. You open the door of the small cupboard that you have converted into a wine cellar with passion, equipping it with discreet refrigeration to jealously preserve your bottles. It is a small cellar, which resembles you, with few bottles but all carefully chosen through the years, to reflect your tastes that have evolved over time and also to constitute you a small reserve of wine for maturing, increasing in value, wine to drink on special occasions.

Precisely, this evening, it is one of those occasions that deserve to be celebrated. You smile and take these two bottles of Château Latour 2002 that you bought at the time for a surprisingly low price. You know how hard to find and overpriced they are now. You also know that it is perfect to drink and that it will have this little aroma of smoked tobacco enriched with cassis and Asian spices. You anticipate this moment when you will cheer with your guests, happy, tasting all together this perfection of round tannins on black cherry. The next year will be even more fabulous, you know it. A bottle under the arm and the other in the hand, you close the door of the cellar when the cat decides to pursue an imaginary mouse and makes you stumble … The floor now has the opulent ruby tint of Latour

It is not necessarily a disaster

Fortunately, if you have the right insurance, it is not necessarily a disaster, just a small annoyance that will be quickly compensated by your coverage. But do you have the right insurance? Does it cover the actual value of your wine that has grown considerably since you bought it? Is it an addendum in your home policy with a fixed value? Does it cover accidental breakage? Is it paired with a service that will find you two bottles of the same wine and the same vintage and deliver them in a short time? Probably not…

Unless you have subscribed to Alfred Secure, the first digital wine insurance in the world, which we have just launched with our partner Industrial Alliance, one of the largest financial companies in the country. If so, you’ve kept your smile …

An insurance designed specially for the wine lover

It is for the contemporary wine passionate that we have developed Alfred Secure, the amateur who has integrated his passion into his busy daily life, always connected to his mobile device, always moving about and who finds in wine the pleasure of social sharing with a captivating hobby that can become a fascinating and profitable investment.

It is an insurance that covers the liquid and its value, not the structure or the building that contains it, as is often the case. Thus, it is equally appropriate for the owner of a large cellar as it is for the enthusiast who has constituted a small reserve of bottles that are really precious, each of them having an emotional value for their owner.

The new enthusiast

Over the past few years, the passion for wine has evolved and become more democratic, recruiting thousands of new aficionados who discover all that wine brings into their lives. These new enthusiasts have a different approach to wine. They want it to fit into their everyday lives, their social network, their openness to discovery and experience.

It is these new enthusiasts that we wish to serve at Alfred, offering them an ecosystem of services, contents, technologies and information to discover, learn, manage and enrich their passion.

Reflecting on how best to serve this new enthusiast we realized that an insurance really suited to him was missing… so we created Alfred Secure.

An avant-garde vision

To develop it, we have had the opportunity to work with a remarkable partner, Industrial Alliance and its special unit, La Zone, created in January 2016. The latter is responsible for developing innovative solutions in the fields of finance and Insurance.

Digital insurance is now becoming one of the most important vectors in the development of financial products. The Internet of objects makes it more and more essential with home automation, connected appliances and motor vehicles in complex data transmission mode. In the near future, domestic risks covered by insurance will be managed through connected computer systems. Alfred Secure is a precursor of this reality and was born of the desire of Industrial Alliance to be at the forefront and of Alfred to offer a current product that would fit into the ecosystem of all our services .

A unique insurance

Alfred Secure is world’s first digital wine insurance. It is unique and exceptional because its coverage is linked to the measurement of the value for both small reserves and large collections of wines, in real time, via our integrated cellar management application.

Most of the time, wine is covered in the home insurance and is not subject to any specific assessment, making claims complicated and questionable with respect to precious bottles. Moreover, as wine has an evolutionary value, appreciating over time (and depreciating on its decline), this measurement should be constantly evolving, which is impossible with the assurances linked to fixed residential assessments. With Alfred Secure, for the first time, it is always the true value that is covered and the just premium that is billed.


An insurance integrated into your mobile life

Digital and connected to our mobile application, ensuring only the wine, Alfred Secure is the ideal insurance for the modern wine lovers, who do not necessarily own large cellars but rather dozens of precious bottles with rising value, an investment potential included in a passion. Alfred Secure is moving away from the vision of wine insurance as a luxury product that was the reality until now. Wine is a social and shared pleasure, integrated into the lifestyle of its enthusiasts, Alfred Secure does the same, right in your pocket, accessible at all times.

Obviously, Alfred Secure is also the best solution for the bigger cellars, the largest collections since their measured value is exact and precise, an additional asset for a large-scale collector-investor in the management of its truly liquid assets.

Full coverage

Alfred Secure covers most of the disasters that could affect your wine: fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, wine degradation caused by equipment breakdown and accidental bottle breakage, even if it is caused by your cat …

As Alfred, with its ODP (Optimal Drinking Period) ensures you always drink your wine at the right time, we even offer a special rider for corked wine that guarantees you to always drink a wine in pristine condition.


Additional services

As Alfred is building the world’s largest virtual cellar to supply its Alfred Peer 2 Peer service for transactions between members, in the event of destroying rare and prestigious bottles, you will have the option of requesting either a refund or bottles of the same wine and the same vintage, delivered quickly, if available. No one but Alfred, the wine expert can offer you that kind of coverage.

With Alfred Services, we can also offer you transportation, cellar moving, warehousing or disaster recovery services in the event of major damage.

An online digital assessment

If you are interested in Alfred Secure, you can learn more and sign up for an evaluation and a bonus directly via our special website at http://www.alfredsecure.com/en.

Then you will never have to worry about your wine again and you will be able to share your passion with peace of mind …

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