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May 22 2019

What if this happy event would happen everyday?

by Guy Doucet

On the photo: An article by Gianluca Mezzofiore of the CNN network that has traveled the world in the media.

Earlier this week, BBC published an article about customers sitting at the bar of a Hawksmoor restaurant. They were mistakenly offered a bottle of Château Le Pin Pomerol 2001, worth £ 4,500 or just over 7500 Canadian dollars. The happy customers had ordered a bottle of Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande which is worth £ 260. Major media organizations around the world, including the Journal de Montreal in Quebec, picked up on this event. This whole mistake is likely to be profitable in terms of visibility for the Hawksmoor bar, but the situation hides an important operational issue. Every day, we work with professionals in the food industry that we believe to be among the best in the business. This is a difficult profession as they face minimal profit margins and a significant shortage of qualified personnel. The pressure is constant to reinvent themselves and to seduce a customer base that is more and more demanding.

Even if the case of the Hawksmoor restaurant is probably a rare one, and a spectacular one at that, many similar situations occur on a daily basis in the restaurant industry that have a much greater financial impact.

Here are some real examples that we witnessed over the years :

These few examples, provided by our customers, demonstrate the complexity and the massive management challenge that these professionals face every day.

Our goal with Alfred is to put our technologies at the service of restaurant owners to reduce errors and maximize profits. I dealt briefly with the impact of artificial intelligence in a recent article, and also with the importance of the datamatrix (unit identification technology) allowing us to manage each of the bottles individually within a wine cellar.

It is now possible to eliminate these risks of errors and to maximize the time spent taking care of the customers, which remains the main mission of a restaurant owner and his team.

Our solutions might not bring you to the front page of a major media organization, as it was the case with Hawksmoor, but profitability and order in your business surely await you. Challenge us to demonstrate the strength and profitability of our solutions!

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